Welcome to a new way of thinking big.

We’re small, but oh so mighty. We are dreamers, but equally important, we are doers.

110 Theory is a digital consultancy and innovation firm that serves a world-class and diverse client base. Our ever-present curiosity allows us to assist our partners identify, plan for, and capitalize on digital opportunity wherever it is found.

By combining decades of experience delivering success, along with a talent network of multidisciplinary practitioners, we are positioned to exceed expectations on time, every time.


We help our clients conceptualize and build their most innovative ideas and become their digital product partners. We go beyond the MVP and work on improvements and new features as our relationship grows.


Whether it’s a website, app, or new technology, we create dynamic experiences by auditing and optimizing entire digital ecosystems. We provide a comprehensive roadmap and become partners throughout the process.


We partner with businesses and organizations that seek to rapidly prototype and test new concepts in existing or emerging markets. We become a guide for the process as well as an implementation partner to design and develop your solution.

‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’

Steve Jobs